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Good health is so much more than an attractive physique; it is a general feeling of well-being that is achieved when your body’s vital organs are performing at optimal capacity, all in unison. Many people are quick to assume that health is largely determined by genetics and very much out of our control. This of course is not the case; while genetics certainly does play a role in one’s health especially when it comes to certain diseases, lifestyle and prevention is also of critical importance. At our practice, we take a holistic approach to health, understanding that wellness is a sum of many parts.

To help foster good health, consider the following tips:

Get enough sleep.
As a busy adult, it can be difficult to find 6-8 hours for a good night’s sleep but it’s absolutely essential for good health. In addition to feeling fatigued throughout the day, chronic sleep loss can increase your risk of heart disease, a heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes.

Watch what you eat.
Your diet is quite literally the fuel that powers your body. Even if you are of a “healthy weight”, it’s important that you consume a balanced diet loaded with nutrients. We generally advise patients to focus on fresh, colorful food and high-quality protein while steering clear of junk food which is all too prevalent in the average American’s diet. If you struggle to find the best mix for your body, consider speaking with a registered dietitian.

Embrace exercise.
We all know we should do it but not enough people make exercise a priority in their daily lives despite all of the benefits.  The Department of Health and Human Services recommends thirty minutes of moderate aerobic activity five days per week. Regular aerobic exercise can help to keep your heart healthy, your mind sharp and lessen stress.

Avoid tobacco use and drink alcohol in moderation.
There have been hundreds of public service announcements produced over the past few decades warning people of the terrible effects that tobacco can have on one’s health including lung disease, heart disease and gum disease, just to name a few. For a long healthy life, avoid it at all costs. Adults should safely consume alcohol in moderation.

Wear sunscreen.
In sharing the secrets of how she still looks so great at 50, super model Christy Brinkley was quick to stress the importance of sunscreen in her daily routine. In addition to helping you maintain a youthful appearance, sunscreen can protect your skin against damaging UV rays that cause deadly skin cancer. Sunglasses should also be worn to protect your eyes from these rays which have also been shown to cause cataracts.

Have an annual physical.
Your physician can help to pinpoint any problems which might cause significant health issues down the line. During your physical, blood work should be taken which can give your doctor insight into how your organs are performing. Your doctor can also advise of any tests you should be getting each year, such as a mammogram or colonoscopy which is of critical importance as you age.

If you’re looking to improve your well-being, schedule an appointment with one of our experienced physicians and get on your way to better health today.

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